Riwaka Resurgence, South Island

Many of us feel drawn to water and associate it with benevolence. Every river and stream has its own character. For some, it has a spiritual quality, for others it is inspirational, for others it represents tranquility. The Riwaka River has been held in high spiritual esteem (wahi tapu) and revered (Mana) by local Maori since historical times.

For me, there was a palpable sense of vibrancy, energy and peacefulness in this valley which was refreshing and inspiring. There was a lack of urgency, just the gentle but relentless rippling  of the river over the rocks and pebbles, swirling around the boulders carpeted in green mosses, creating the illusion of a blue ribbon encompassed in a swirl of greens and browns…

Wahi tapu indeed.

Pool, Riwaka Resurgence, Riwaka River.
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