Daily Prompt: Fishing, New Zealand

via Daily Prompt: Fishing

We started out from home at 4am, because we wanted to see Lake Rotoiti at dawn, or 6:30am ish. And it was a spectacular dawn, blue sky and wisps of cloud swirling around Mt Robert, with a light mist over Lake Rotoiti, and temperatures just above freezing. The late forecast was for snowstorms in the late morning.

It just touching on 8am as this chap set off, keen to get a couple of hours fishing in for trout before the weather closed in for the weekend. We don’t know how many fish he caught, but what a fantastic place to be for the day!

Lake Rototiti, at St Arnaud village, is in the Nelson Lakes National Park, South Island New Zealand. There is a resident population of brown trout, which can be fished for all year round.



5 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Fishing, New Zealand

    1. Hello @theitinerar1, New Zealand manages to fit many landscapes and features into a small area.Sometimes it looks like Europe, other times North America, and sometimes its definitely New Zealand. Come and visit us after your Europe trip. 🙂

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