Unseen… Unseen heroes who work in the background.

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This post is a wee bit unusual. Its to say “Thank you…” to all the people who work behind the scenes, making things work. And I do mean everybody… How many times have you thanked the your local garbage collector, or the team fixing the telephone wires, or even the office cleaners..?

I am a fan of lighthouses. Usually they stand tall, shining their light from dusk to dawn, warning everybody about the risks of the cliffs or reefs… Once manned by a team of keepers, and often their families, they actually required a huge logistics team to site, build and maintain them. Most lighthouses are automated, monitored by radio or internet, from a central watchhouse, sometime hundreds of km’s away.  But has anybody ever thanked these anonomous people. Until a recent visit to CastlePoint, North Island, New Zealand. I hadn’t really thought about it…

But CastlePoint  is Department of Conservation land, who somehow have to provide safe walkways for the visitors, whilst preserving the fossilised rocks… But who are these people..? New Zealand has several National Parks, huge areas of pristine natural habitat, but its more common to see a Blue Duck/ Whio than a staff member… So thanks team to you as well!

Thanks to all the people who go about their jobs happy in the knowledge that their job makes a difference to the rest of us. Despite being unseen as they do it…

Daily Post “Unseen”

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