Aesthetic. Also described as “in the eye of the beholder”…

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As a photographer I often wonder what attracts something to one person in such a strong positive manner, yet can cause apathy or strong negative feeling in other. People either “love” or “hate”. Whether its a car, a person, building, clothing, a house or even carpet, everything will get a response.

As a photographer, I strive to try and appreciate many points of view. And “appreciate” is the right word. (Especially if its one of my pictures and the other person does not know that!) Show a photograph to 10 people and you can expect to get 10 differing responses. Each one genuine and valid in its own right. And the scale of emotion can run high as well.

Many of us follow the path of least resistance in our daily life… We “go with the herd” or “follow popular opinon”… We don’t want to make a fuss or cause a scene. We’re polite to others… “Gosh, what a lovely picture. Where can I get a copy? Tell me more…” usually goes down better than “Aggh What is this? Looks like the cat vomited on the carpet…”

Society changes over time. Sometimes for the better, sometimes not so good. Personal values and accepted behaviour becomes skewed as people “go with the herd”.. just look at some of the fashion trends over the years, or architechture, or even music and you’ll get my drift.

I recently wrote a post thanking the people who are “Unseen” as they go about their work. Of course, I don’t really expect them all to read my post and feel appreciated, But I felt that I personally had to acknowledge the contribution they make towards making my life, and job easier. It was, and still is, my hope that a couple of nice people will read it and acknowledge somebody else and make that persons day ( night?) a little bit better.

So the next time somebody shows you a photograph, or introduces you to a stranger, or you next bump into a person you previously decided you didn’t like, have a second look. Try and look past the current stereotypes of body image, or cultural dress, or their fashion style, or their manners ( or lack of them)… What is it about the subject that facinates them so? What excites them so much that they feel compelled to share with you? Or why are they so visibly afraid to to share with you? How has your past behaviour /  attitude affected them previously?

I was once told by somebody wiser then me that it takes three attempt to change a behaviour. 1st time to consciously do it, the 2nd time to correct any mistakes you made, and the third to get it right and into a habit. Of course, they didn’t mention how many times I’d have to start back at 1 again…

So its not about cultural values, or national pride, or religion. Its about seeing the beauty that the other person sees…

Looking from the the eyes of the beholder whilst being beheld.

Try it. It may be life changing…

Daily post : Aesthetic




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