Daily Post challenge- Graceful volcano

Sometimes as I explore New Zealand, I just have to stand and stare, appreciating the experience. It can be humbling to see something so inspiring that you just stand there, enjoying the moment.

This was such a moment. I’d been on location shooting a waterfall in varying conditions in the native forest. One minute it was cloudy, the next full on sunshine. Frustrating, and I wasn’t certain that I’d done the waterfall the justice it deserved.

And then I stumbled out of the forest and saw Mount Taranaki / Egmont just sitting there, highlighted against a really blue sky, looking serene, graceful and in total harmony with the landscape. From its snow capped peak, and stony scree slopes, it just blended in with the tree tops of the forest around me, complimenting rather than dominating.

A marvellous moment to treasure and share with pleasure.

Mt Taranaki / Mt Egmont basking in the sun
Mt Taranaki / Mt Egmont (2518m) volcano. Sharks Tooth (2510m) looks deceptively higher from this side of the volcano.  A magical moment to treasure.

Daily post challenge – graceful


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3 thoughts on “Daily Post challenge- Graceful volcano

  1. Lovely and magnificent 🙂


  2. Love the winding road, certainly “adds” to the image for me!


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