Photo challenge: Shadows

For years when I heard the word “shadow”, I automatically associated it with the shape on the ground that outlined my body when I stood in bright sunlight or other direct source of strong light. Or when something else did it, such as a cloud or annoying person at the beach interrupting my sun bathing… Something that occurred everyday and was generally ignored.

And then I started dabbling in landscape photography… And I experienced rare glimpses of unexpected beauty. Dawn.

Just as the sun rises over the crest of a hill or mountain, the valleys below remain in shadow for just a wee while longer, and then as the rays begin to creep along the valley floor, different shapes and colours appear. Trees, bushes, grass, all take on different hues and personalities, shadows that constantly change as the sun rises and casts more light on the area, revealing it slowly like a magician in a stage act.

In this photograph, it had been near freezing overnight, leaving a ground frost that looked almost silver as the first rays touched it, and the shadow cast by the mountains into the valley enhanced the blue of the sky and radiating brilliance of the sun as it crested over the mountain range. The mist covering the trees and the river changes from streaks of silver/ grey to combine and form a cloud of white in the sunlight…

And now shadows aren’t boring…, but more opportunities to appreciate the world around me and share with others…

Sunrise over Cobb Valley (Pt 1)
Frosty dawn in Cobb Valley, Kahurangi National Park, NZ

Thanks to the Daily Post for the challenge.





2 thoughts on “Photo challenge: Shadows

  1. Wonderful capture! We just returned from our trip to Hong Kong. Check out our blog when you have time!


    1. @Chausadventure. thanks guys. Hong Kong seems a wonderful and vibrant place.

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