A Brilliant Sunset…

Just occasionally, everything just sets the scene for that perfect moment. I had just spent a lovely day with my partner wandering the limestone headlands and cliffs on the upper northwestern coastline of South Island. We settled down to watch the setting sun, hand in hand for a few moments before the light changed to good photography conditions. Yep, true romance blossoms when you both are very passionate about landscape photography!

Unlike other photographers, I seem to take an age to set up the technical side, compose the shot, double check angles, test the breeze etc etc… And sometimes I get so involved in the moment that I take a couple of shots and then stand back to appreciate a special show of Nature.

In this instance, I stood, humbled at the brilliance of the sun, its rays reflecting so strongly off the rolling waves of the ocean, and the breakers coming in over the limestone reef shelves, with a red tinge turning the clouds pink. Like a brilliant bonfire warming the ocean, before being extinguished beneath the waves…

And as the sun set below the horizon, I hugged and cuddled my darling, thankful for not just a brilliant day, and a brilliant sunset, but a relationship that shines brilliant with love…

Sunset on Te Hapu Coast

Thanks to  Daily Post : Brilliant

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