“Weathered”…. Communications tower being repaired.

They are everywhere, or at least they are in New Zealand. Communication towers. Small dots appearing on seemingly random isolated hilltops and mountain sides, dwarfed in scale by their surroundings.

I’ve always been fascinated by them since childhood. I often have no idea what their function is. Or who owns them, or who uses them… They stand year on year weathering the wind and rain, hail and snow, the heat of summer and the chill of winter. Seemingly ignored and neglected, abandoned to the mercy of the elements…

So you can perhaps imagine how excited I was when I got an opportunity to get up close to one*. It was an overcast afternoon, with frequent showers of drizzly rain.

Did you ever have a kitset that was made of small colored metal strips with nuts and bolts and spanners. Depending on the size of the kitset, the handbook was full of exciting construction projects such as a crane or truck, or car. Now scale it up by about 1000!

Nuts, bolts, and girders, and paint. Lots of paint. And cables and smaller girders to tie them to… Huge.  A gigantic kitset for grown ups.

I was so excited that I didn’t notice at first. Then I stood intrigued. If you look carefully, in different sections you can see orange. Once you notice it, they stand out in contrast to the utilitarian rust streaked grey. Orange colored beams and girders replacing the weathered iron. More were piled beneath the legs in preparation for the next day.

But from several miles away, you can’t see the coloring. It’s a huge amount of effort and skill to achieve, important for the infastructure of our society I’m sure, but unnoticed by all but a few. So I’d like to acknowledge those unsung hero’s who build and maintain these towers of steel, who also weather the storms and wind, the heat and cold. Because they made my day just that bit happier…

*Ok, so you know that I’m a photographer, and love landscapes. Why else would I be up a hill in the rain..?

Communications tower
The main communications tower on Wharite Peak, North Island, New Zealand in drizzling rain.

Thanks to Daily Post Photo Challenge : weathered



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