Inscrutable? Enigmatic perhaps? Ponder this and tell me more…

I love this photograph. There’s a popular saying that a picture is worth a thousand words. This photograph creates more questions than it answers… Of course, there’s a story that I could tell, but that would perhaps spoil the fun. After all, the topic is “inscrutable” which is another way of saying enigmatic. I wish you fun making up your own stories and revealing the possible mysteries to your friends.

I will disclose that the location is in New Zealand, just to add to the foreign and exotic flavour…

If you would like to get my story,  please get in touch.

Storm watching
Inscrutable image from New Zealand

Thanks to Daily Post Prompt: Inscrutable

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3 thoughts on “Inscrutable? Enigmatic perhaps? Ponder this and tell me more…

  1. Beautiful photo. I would like to use it as an illustration to my Inscrutable Rhymes. Can I?


    1. Hi, thanks for asking… You are welcome to use the photo as long as you credit it to 3 Morepork Photography. Keep up the good work.


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