Welcome to 3 Morepork photography.

Welcome to 3 Morepork Photography.

3 Morepork Photography specializes in fine art photographs from around New Zealand. We chose our name after a special event that occurred one night after a day hiking through forest.

After setting camp and getting ready for sleep, we were kept awake all night by a group of Morepork owls who sat above our tent, calling out “Morepork! Morepork!”.

Ever since that night, Morepork have a special place in our heart and we always feel comforted by their call when we’re out hiking or taking photographs.

Our images are intended to enhance and inspire your daily life wherever you may be, and can be used either on their own, or with your favourite words of inspiration added to them.

Choose one for the family home, the office or as a touching gift for somebody special…

Contact us to discuss how we can help you more with our personalised service.

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